26. Oktober 2014 bis 10. Januar 2015


David Dalla Venezia - Ein Auszug aus dem Interview mit David Molesky


David Molesky: How long have you been exhibiting with Burkhard? How many solo shows with him?

David Dalla Venezia: This is my third soslo show with Burkhard since 2001, the previous was in 2009, when I was just starting some changes that brought me to where I am now with my work. I also took part in some group exhibitions and through him I created the design for a suite in the Arte Luise Kunsthotel in Berlin, where each room is a work by different artists.


David Molesky: Under what circumstances did you meet Burkhard?

David Dalla Venezia: It was around 1998, or maybe before. Burkhard wanted to visit the museum of Modern Art of Venice, Ca‘ Pesaro, but the museum was closed that day. Disappointed and on the way back to the vaporetto he noted the half-open door of my father’s frame shop in front of the museum. I was there modeling a sculpture in clay. He knocked, asked to have a look and we started to talk a little. He was fascinated by the ambiance, surrounded by golden frames, paintings and sculptures, fortunately also by the work I was doing!


David Molesky: In Burkhard’s words, you “grew up at the knees of Picasso.“ What were some of your memories of this?

David Dalla Venezia: Yes, my father lived and worked in Cannes for 18 years, where my sisters and I were born. In that time almost all of the important artsists like Leger, Ozenfant, Sutherland and above all Picasso used to live on the Côtes d’Azur. My father used to bring me with him sometimes when he went to visit clients. A couple of times he brought me to Picasso’s castle. I was two years old so my memory is filtered by my father’s tales-Picasso was a myth for my father-so I have this strange sensation that Picasso is like a ‘grandpa‘  for me. [...]


David Molesky: How would you briefly describe your technique and process?

David Dalla Venezia: Apart the experience in my father’s workshop, I was intodruced to painting technique by my brother-in-law, the Chilean painter José Garcia Chibbaro who studied with Ernst Fuchs. It was a refined but laborious technique of superimpositon of egg tempera and oil glazes. Then I elaborated a personal synthesis using synthetic tempera rather than egg tempera to paint shadow and light in grisaille and glazing local colors over it with oil painting. In the last time as a consequence  of meeting  Nerdrum and his entourage, I’m trying to simplify, and now I work only with oil and with a very limited palette. All the last paintings are made basically with white, ocher, red and a dark color I prepare myself instead of the black. [...]


Kunsthalle Reservat Hansaallee 159   I   12.-14. Dezember 2014 und 26. - 30. Dezember 2014

bis 25. September 2014


Junge amerikanische Kunst


In einer großen Summer Show präsentiert die Galerie junge Künstlerinnen und Künstler aus den USA, die Burkhard Eikelmann bei der Fountain Art Fair in New York entdeckte. Darunter sind Angelina China, Dave Tree, Greg Haberny, Jason Shelowitz, Kelsey Shwetz, Russel Young, Michael Rose, Nathan Ritterpusch, Scott Ackeman, Heather Morgan und Steven Gagnon.


Februar bis März 2014

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